First advice for First Time Moms

First advice for First Time Moms

May 15, 2018

Congratulations on your pregnancy Mama-To-Be! It is time to rejoice this new chapter and make it beautiful and memorable. If you are like most moms, there are mixed feelings of happiness and anxiety. It is natural to see those 'what if' and 'how to' thoughts peeping right into your mind. But remember, they are just 'thoughts' and like every new life experience they can be overcome as well. Educating yourself for the coming months is the best you can do to not feel relegated, lonely, confused, and lost in the entire process. Here are some tips that all first time moms must know and follow:

Eat Right:

'Good food is the key good physical and mental health'

Yes, we get it. It is challenging to control your food cravings during pregnancy and even when nursing. And no, we are not asking you to control your cravings. You deserve to eat your heart out. But it is important that you eat responsibly, so there is a perfect balance between satisfying your cravings and eating healthy. Junk food is indulgence, but at this stage your baby needs proper nourishing too. They are growing at a jet speed and they need the right food for their development. Moreover, junk eating will only add unnecessary wight gain which will be hard to get rid of after delivery. As we always suggest moms, your pregnancy weight gain should be a responsible weight gain.

Your daily diet should include more fresh vegetables, nuts, fruits, milk, cooked meat and eggs so you add the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats necessary for your pregnancy and the baby's development. In addition to eating well, drink a lot of water. If you are on the go, have a water bottle so you stay hydrated. Most important, eat at regular intervals so those unhealthy cravings stay at bay. Have a small healthy snack every 2-3 hours. Be creative, make an eating calendar or setup regular eating alarms on your phone. Most important, do not forget your daily prenatal vitamins.

Dress Right:

'Dressing right is the key to confidence, comfort and happiness'

Many women understand and embrace their dressing. It just makes us all feel very positive and confident. But with those constant body changes during pregnancy, it is hard for pregnant women to dress as they want. But you know what? With little change in your wardrobe, you can actually style yourself the way you want. But does that still qualify as 'dressing right'? It depends on what you have in your wardrobe. There are so many maternity clothes available everywhere and at times it becomes hard to decide the right maternity clothing. Here is a quick checklist you can refer to when buying your maternity clothes:

Loose at the belly: Goes without saying, your growing belly and the baby inside needs comfort. Maxi dresses, or belly stretching dresses are a perfect choice. But you should definitely not give up on your style. Pick bright or cleaner colors, and if possible match it with the weather. Spring/Summer invites for more brighter colors and floral dresses/tops. Check out these adorable spring/summer dresses from

Maternity Dresses from Maternity N Beyond

Here are the links to these dresses from left to right:

Navy-White Satin Waist Cap Lace Maternity Dress
Sleeveless Shirring Maternity Dress
Floral Sleeveless Maxi Maternity Dress

Maternity N Beyond has beautiful dresses – maxi and short, plain and patterned, lace and cotton to fit you comfortably. These body-hugging dresses are made of stretchy material that expands to fit the growing belly.

Become fit - physically and mentally:

Prenatal Exercise Maternity N Beyond

Pregnancy is a time to enjoy and relax. But with the stress of modern world, these are hard to achieve targets for women who are juggling with responsibilities at home and outside. Prenatal exercise, however, is very important for the overall health of mom and baby and to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight. Exercising improves your overall health, eases the stress, brightens your mood, and helps with your labor. Some exercises we advise are yoga, brisk walking, pool exercises and stretches. If you are new to exercising, always seek the opinion of your doctor before starting it out.

It is equally important to keep your mind active, relaxed and stress free. If you have never done meditation or breathing exercises before, do not delay! Meditation is known to be the best form of mental exercise. It not only helps you remove the clutter from your mind, but also helps you and the baby relax. Remember, your baby feels everything you feel. So why not choose to pass our good thoughts and habits!

What food should you eat? What dressing should you choose? What are the best exercises for a pregnant mom? What are the best guided and non-guided meditation techniques? I know lots of such questions are crossing your mind right now. We will get back to each of these topics in more detail in our upcoming blog posts.

Stay tuned!

Team Maternity N Beyond!

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